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HR Manager / HR Business Partner

Job description

We’re currently looking for an HR Manager/ HR business partner (member of our management team) to join our team!

Our planet’s survival depends on a sustainable energy future. Existing technologies create progress towards this goal, but to accelerate the energy transition we must unlock additional sustainable energy sources. Ampyx Power is developing an Airborne Wind Energy System (AWES) that can access powerful wind at high altitude using tethered unmanned aircraft

Do you want to use your unique skills to help us in developing pioneering sustainable energy technology? Join us, and be part of our adventure!

Introducing our team and culture

We believe that a diversity of perspectives, ideas, cultures, and common passion to make a difference is needed to develop our pioneering technology.

Today we have a team of over 50 highly skilled professionals with more than 20 nationalities working from The Hague and Melbourne. We will be opening another office in Ireland in the near future. Most of our employees have a university degree and several employees have PhD background.

We have a socially open atmosphere in our company, placing value on trust. We think in terms of solutions rather than problems. We challenge each other and act decisively in our day-to-day work. Everyone's input is valuable and we work with clear deadlines and objectives. This way of working has helped us to make significant steps in our airborne technology development over the past 10 years.

What are you going to do?

We work in teams to meet our milestones. These are examples of the teams that we have: the Flight Algorithms Team, the Electronics Team, the Aircraft Design Team, the Software Team, the Flight Operations Team, etc. This vacancy is within our Management Team team, that has the following representatives: Finance, commercial, technology and the CEO.

As our new HR manager, you will be working on all HR topics that you can think of. The HR role within Ampyx Power is an independent role with a lot of freedom but therefor also with a lot of responsibility. You signal what can be improved, and pro-actively take action.

Over the past 5 years, the whole HR organization has been designed and implemented. As Ampyx keeps on growing, the organizational set up and way of working needs frequent reviews and updating. The HR Manager within Ampyx Power has an independent role and is the goto person for every individual in the company. Trustworthiness, reliability and an open mind are key for a successful execution of this role.

Your daily work varies from operational activities to playing a strategic role in cultural and structural changes, some examples:

  • On boarding new colleagues
  • Drafting job offers and hiring new staff
  • Correct processing of personnel and pay roll administration (for the Netherlands, Australia and Ireland)
  • Helping managers grow in their management role
  • First point of contact for employees with questions related to their well-being in the organization
  • Dealing with illness
  • Correct registration and execution of the employment cost regulation (WKR)

Besides the execution of tactical and strategic HR work, you are also the manager of the office manager/ HR assistant, the IT officer and the Health and Safety officer.

We have a number of activities that will require specific attention the coming 6 months:

  • Works council (ondernemingsraad): Elections for our first works council will be held mid April. Right after the installation of the works council, a way of working will have to be established. As half of the company has no experience with or knowledge of works councils, there is a big role to play for the HR manager
  • Performance management: 1,5 years ago we started with a performance management tool. After practicing with it and going through a review cycle, the policy, program and tools need improvements to make it even more fit for our specific needs
  • Recruitment: based on the resource planning ( that you play an active role in), you will have to schedule the recruitment activities and execute them. Currently, there is an interim recruiter to execute the process, but you will remain responsible for the progress and success of the hiring
  • Working in different countries/ on different locations: this year, we will test our system on multiple locations both in the Netherlands and in Spain and Ireland. For a smooth process, you will give input on/ be responsible for all travel and housing arrangements, work permit issues, ways of working, work- and rest times policy and administration, etc.


You have a Bachelor’s degree in Human resources or a related field with at least 5 years of experience in a human resources role or a Dutch company in the Netherlands, preferably within a technical environment with a matrix structure and an international team. Ideally you:

  • Are a team player;
  • Are proactive and you take ownership;
  • Have a high moral standard;
  • Have a genuine interest in people’s well-being;

As you will be part of an international team, you are proficient in English (speaking and writing).

We’d also like you to have extensive knowledge of:

  • Dutch labour laws
  • Pay roll administration
  • Do’s and don't s in recruitment

What do we have to offer?

We offer you an opportunity to contribute to a sustainable energy future. You will be working on a unique innovation using state-of-the-art technologies in an international team of enthusiastic professionals. Together, we will be launching our Airborne Wind Energy technology on the market in the next few years.

You can look forward to:

  • A competitive salary adjustable to your talent, knowledge and experience;
  • A personalized work-life balance;
  • Flexible working hours;
  • 30 leave days every year;
  • Excellent opportunities for growth via our personal development plan;
  • Excellent opportunities to take initiative and responsibility;
  • Working together with a team of professionals of top international status;
  • Shares in the company as all employees are shareholder;

Where can you find us?

Ampyx Power is located in The Netherlands in the center of The Hague, a ten-minute walk from the Den Haag Hollands Spoor railway station. Our office in The Hague is also easily accessible for candidates from, for example, Utrecht, Amsterdam, Delft, Zoetermeer, Leiden, Rotterdam, Dordrecht and Haarlem. If you have questions about the company or processes, please send an email to If you have more specific questions, please contact Martijn Schmidt on the following number: +316 41569112.

Final request

As we are looking for a HR Manager/ HR business partner with the right skills, we would like to ask you to send us the following documents with your application:

A CV, written in English;

A motivation letter, written in English;

Agency calls are not appreciated.