Ampyx Power

We develop a tethered aircraft to generate wind energy

The future of our planet's survival depends on sustainable energy.

To accelerate the energy transition we must unlock additional sustainable energy resources. There’s huge potential from wind power at high altitudes, but current wind turbines max out at 200 m. The Ampyx Power team develops an innovative Airborne Wind Energy System (AWES). This includes a tethered aircraft that accesses the higher and more powerful winds, with much smaller foundations and much less material overall. It also greatly increases the availability of sites for cost-effective harvesting of wind energy. By developing innovative, elegant and material-reducing solutions, our team will help meet tomorrow’s energy needs.

The mission of Ampyx Power is to expand the sustainable energy supply with scalable airborne wind innovation. Which fits in our vision to create innovative, elegant technology to harvest untapped energy sources for a sustainable future, for all.

"The work here does contain a sense of entrepreneurship as we are exploring some unknown territories in the field of airborne wind energy."

Jaap Bosch
Project Manager AP-3

Our team and culture

Let us introduce you to the people behind our company

We believe a diversity of perspectives, ideas and cultures, and a shared passion to make a difference is needed to develop our pioneering technology. This in addition to hiring the best talent available. Today we have a team of over 50 highly skilled professionals with more than 20 nationalities working from The Hague and Melbourne. 85% of our employees have a university diploma and another 10% has a PhD degree. Previous employers of our team include Nuon/Vattenfall, Airbus, ESA/ESTEC, Allseas, Heineken and BAE Systems.

Our employees will confirm that we have an open and socially lively atmosphere going around at our company. We place a great value on trust and think in solutions instead of problems. To be successful as a company we challenge each other to be as concise and clear as possible, and act decisive in our day-to-day dealings. What further characterizes Ampyx Power is that our managers explicitly value input and suggestions from all employees. In order to grow and succeed as a company we choose to work with deadlines and objectives. This way of working helps us make significant steps in our airborne technology development.

Yet, there is a great deal of individual ownership left in our jobs, as we value freedom among employees to tailor job packages to their optimal fit.

“At Ampyx Power I feel freedom to do my job, however, me and my teammates still have to meet weekly goals and deadlines. Which is good. It really creates an objective-oriented environment where you put effort in with your peers to tackle problems head-on.”

Orlando Diaz
Electronics Engineer

Our proposition

Join us in our innovative adventure

You will get the opportunity to learn, grow, and make an actual difference in our company. You will be given the freedom to determine your personal work-life balance with flexible working-hours. As an employee you will also become a shareholder in the company. Together, you and your colleagues will be preparing for large-scale production in the next few years.

Do you want to use your unique skills to develop a pioneering technology for generating sustainable energy? 

Do you want to be part of our adventure? 

Then join us, and help us achieve our upcoming milestones to meet tomorrow’s energy needs.

“I think we have the tools to take better care of our planet. So we should use it. The sustainable mission of Ampyx Power addresses to me personally in a big way. We are working here on real-life solutions to the climate urgency.”

Ehsan Tofigh
Software Engineer

Join Ampyx Power

Current openings

Verification Engineer (Electronics)
  • The Hague, Netherlands
UAV System Engineer
  • The Hague, Netherlands
System / Network Administrator
  • The Hague, Netherlands
flight control Engineer
  • Melbourne, Australia
Open application
  • The Hague, Netherlands

Did you know?

  • We have a license to operate and possess a strong IP portfolio.
  • Our founder and technical director Richard Ruiterkamp covered 9 years of ground-breaking work in Molecular Biology, Biochemistry and Astrophysics. He works on Airborne Wind Energy systems since 2006.
  • We aim to deliver similar output as wind turbines with over 90% material reduction.
  • Our solution allows to unlock energy from the strong winds at 300 to 600 m altitude which are today yet inaccessible for wind turbines.
  • We have dedicated teams for:
    • Aircraft Design
    • Algorithms
    • Electronics
    • Flight Operations
    • Ground Station
    • Software
    • Structures
    • Systems Engineering
    • Support
  • We have a daily, delicious free lunch from Sally. That will definitely bring you back alive and kicking in the afternoon! If our fresh coffee not already did that...

Meet one of our colleagues

Check out this interview with Shadi.


Lulofsstraat 55, The Hague

Main office

Lulofsstraat 55, The Hague