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vibrant team of pioneers

Be part of a vibrant team of pioneers that is developing a highly innovative wind energy technology with a tethered wing. 50 highly skilled professionals with more than 20 nationalities and a shared passion to make a difference is working from The Hague and Melbourne. A small pool of MSc students is doing an internship, a thesis project or an industry fellowship at our company. Together, we're working on a technology that will help meet tomorrow's energy demands.

"Our development and performance programme challenges individuals to identify ambitions and opportunities. It is my role to match ambitions with company objectives and to help colleagues to tailor their career to their needs."

Layla Groeneweg
HR Manager

Think in solutions

We value trust and think in solutions. We challenge each other to act pro-active and decisive. We expect everyone to think along with the company’s objectives and value everyone’s input and suggestions. We work with deadlines and objectives. This way of working helps us making significant steps in the development of a certifiable Airborne Wind Energy System for the utility scale market.


A sustainable energy future

The Ampyx Power Airborne Wind Energy System (AWES) with a tethered unmanned aircraft accesses the higher and more powerful winds above 200 m requiring much less material. This makes our technology the more cost-effective solution for the production of wind energy.

"The work contains a sense of entrepreneurship as we are exploring unknown territories in the field of airborne wind energy."

Jaap Bosch
Project Manager


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Competitive salary

Share package, all employees are co-owner of the company

Flexible work arrangements

A highly skilled team

30 leave days

Excellent personal performance and development programme

Delicious coffee and lunch

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“I think we should use all available tools to take care of our planet. To me the sustainable mission of Ampyx Power is very appealing. We're working on real-life solutions to the climate urgency.”

Ehsan Tofigh
Software Engineer


Lulofsstraat 55, The Hague

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Lulofsstraat 55, The Hague