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We develop a next generation wind energy technology with an autonomous tethered aircraft, the PowerPlane.

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Our system generates safe and cost-effective power and has minimal impact on the environment. The Ampyx Power team consists of nearly 40 experts with more than 15 different nationalities who work from the Netherlands and Australia. Together, we will be launching our innovative technology on the market in the next few years.

Because our employees play a crucial role in realizing our technological and commercial ambitions, we do everything possible to create a work environment in which everyone can function optimally in self-managing teams.  Naturally, we expect top performance from those who work for us. In return, we give you the opportunity to determine for yourself what the right work-life balance is. This is, of course, up to the individual.

We value diversity among our employees; such diversity stimulates problem solving than when everyone thinks the same. Our current team is a heterogeneous group.  Furthermore, all our employees are company shareholders and everyone benefits from the success.

Since we expect that our staff will continue to grow to around 50 employees, this site will regularly feature vacancies. Open applications are also welcome.

Do you want to use your unique skills to develop a pioneering technology for generating sustainable energy? Then, join us and help us achieve our upcoming milestones.

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  • The Hague, Netherlands

"Our technology can compete with fossil energy sources allowing a fast transition towards a sustainable energy mix."

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Richard Ruiterkamp
Founder and Technical Director


Lulofsstraat 55, The Hague

Main office

Lulofsstraat 55, The Hague